Mud Cookies: Imagine Feeding Your Kids Some

“When there is no aliment for three or four days, the accouchement cry from the pain. So I accomplish them mud accolade to ample up their stomachs.”

The missionary priest, Abbey Patrick Marron from Aliment for the Poor, quoted a woman active in a apple of about two hundred humans about 20 afar from Port Au Prince, the basic of Haiti. Abbey Marron ‘retired’ from his area of San Antonio and absitively to serve as a missionary priest for Aliment the Poor.

Father Marron bare to accept added about how these humans reside to allege about abjection which boggles the western mind. The priest capital to see with his own eyes, apprehend from the humans themselves, so that admirers like us in Carson City, Nevada will be confused to help.

Hence, he asked to go to this apple area anybody lives in mud huts. That bears repeating: Lives in mud huts. And to ask permission from one of the association to access her mud hut. To allocution with her. So that he could advice us anticipate how our neighbors in the southern Caribbean Ocean live.

“What happens if it rains?”

“The mud begins to cook and we accept to stand, there is no abode to sit. Sometimes for days.”

“What do you do for your accouchement if there is no food?”

“They activate to cry afterwards three or four days. From the affliction of their stomachs. So I accomplish them mud accolade to ample up their stomachs.” The Abbey pulled out a flat, four or 5 inch ablaze amber object, captivated it up so we could all see it and declared, “This is a mud cookie.”

It was my bedmate who aboriginal alien me to the organization, Aliment for the Poor. We were accepting married, I planned to allure a amount of humans to the accession anniversary but I neither bare nor capital gifts.

“Ask them to accord to your admired alms in lieu of gifts,” John suggested.

“What a air-conditioned idea..But my admired charities afore I became a Catholic were World Wildlife and Emily’s List.” Emily’s Account is an acronym for ‘enough money is like yeast’ and serves as a way to bolster money to armamentarium pro-abortion candidates for office. Not absolutely a charity. My contempo about-face to Catholicism had afflicted aggregate in my life.

Without missing a beat, John said, “Food for the Poor. Ferdinand Mahfood started it afterward an acute religious acquaintance and about-face to Catholicism. It is one of my admired charities with beneath than 5 percent overhead. My money goes to the poor not salaries of administrators.”

A year or two later, we were on a business cruise in Florida. Recalling that Aliment for the Poor address was not far from area we were staying, I alleged the accumulated offices and explained that we were supporters. On a whim, I asked if there any adventitious to accommodated Ferdinand Mahfood. To our abruptness and delight, ‘Ferdy’ spent abutting to an hour with us and took us on a bout of the absolute facility. If I anticipate aback on our meeting, I anamnesis how beat Ferdinand Mahfood appeared and how simple- even austere- were his appointment accoutrement and those of his staff.

Baking mud accolade in the hot sun to accord to the children… There are alone two animal reactions to this akin of poverty: Write a analysis and try to overlook or rationalize it abroad by blaming these victims. I accept done both. But there is a third, attenuate but possible.

The aboriginal two responses happen, I believe, to abstruse the added accurate animal response. Why her and not me? We accept done annihilation to accreditation getting built-in in the a lot of affluent country in the world: The comfort, added aliment than we can eat, the account of affluence is endless.

How is this affectionate of bigotry even accessible in this twenty-first aeon area we commonly forward rockets into amplitude and absorb billions on anti-aging drugs? How can humans abjure to afterlife while we are aggressive obesity? Rather than ache the answerability surrounding our prosperity, it’s appetizing to accusation these atomic of the poor.

Why don’t their leaders do something? That account is amaranthine as well.

We’re Americans: Anything can be fixed… can’t it?

I had not anticipation of a third acknowledgment until I listened to Father Marron at Teresa of Avila Abbey on Good Shepherd Sunday. Rather than accepting the retirement his age and account to the Catholic Abbey has becoming him, this priest decides to attending into the face of base poverty. Face what is cutting and absurd to comprehend.

How can humans reside like this? To boring into the eyes of one who does, of her accouchement and listen. The third acknowledgment is not accessible afterwards Someone else. Pointing up at the beam of the church, the priest declares, “Thy commonwealth appear on apple as it is in heaven… “.and repeats, “They commonwealth appear in Carson City, Nevada as it is in heaven.” Then he directs us to the Gospel of Matthew, the admired verses of Aliment for the Poor:

“For I was athirst and you gave me something to eat, I was agog and you gave me something to drink, I was a drifter and you arrive me in, I bare clothes and you clothed me, I was ailing and you looked afterwards me, I was in bastille and you came to appointment me.”

Father Morran alone said this about his chat with the woman active in the mud house: “This is alfresco my experience,” finer understating the inexpressible. Then he asked anniversary of us to aces up the flyer which was getting handed out, demonstrating the chic way a allocation could be broken off and mailed already the acclaim agenda advice was completed. The abbey accomplished into his abridged and captivated up a archetypal abode for us all to see, suggesting that we armamentarium a absolute abode for this woman and all the others who reside like this. No apology. ‘Think about donating thirty-six hundred dollars for a house.’ But bound abacus that all donations will be welcomed.

I agnosticism that I was the alone being cerebration about accomplishing just that as we absolved out of the abbey and into the barrage rain- defended in the actuality of a absolute home apprehension my return. “Thy commonwealth appear in Carson City, Nevada as it is in heaven.”

What Happens If I Default on My Student Loans?

More than 1.1 actor Americans defaulted on their federal apprentice loans for the aboriginal time endure year. When you absence on federal apprentice loans, the after-effects are astringent and can affect several areas of your life. You may acquaintance after-effects that include:

  • Wage garnishment: The Department of Education can adornment up to 15 percent of your disposable pay. Unlike clandestine collectors, the Department of Education does not charge a acumen to adornment your income.
  • Your antithesis increases: Your actual antithesis anon becomes due already you default. Unpaid absorption and accumulating fees may aswell be added to your balance. The closing is abnormally accurate for borrowers with FFEL loans.
  • Reduced acclaim score: Accommodation servicers will address you to the three acclaim agencies if your loans abide behind for too long. You are aswell appear to the three acclaim agencies afterwards defaulting. This can decidedly lower your acclaim score. Having a low acclaim account can accomplish it added difficult to defended employment, apartment or added curve of credit.
  • You lose accommodation for banking aid: You are not acceptable for federal banking while your loans are in default. Behind on your loans may could cause problems if you plan on abiding to school.
  • You lose accommodation for claim plans: One of the above allowances of a lot of federal apprentice loans is that you can yield advantage of income-driven claim plans. You lose these options afterwards behind on your apprentice loans. In addition, you aswell no best authorize for bread-and-butter accident deferments or forbearance.

Can I Get My Apprentice Loans Out of Default?

Depending on your situation, it may be accessible to get your federal apprentice loans out of default. Borrowers about accept two options accessible – the Education Department’s accommodation rehabilitation affairs or converting your loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan. Both options may accept pros and cons that are abased on your alone situation.

If you accept accommodation rehabilitation, you have to accomplish nine account payments aural 20 canicule of the due date for 10 after months. For Perkins Loans, the claim is nine payments for nine after months. You can alone use the accommodation rehabilitation affairs once. Already your loans are taken out of default, you can authorize for accessible claim programs. In addition, annal of the absence are removed from your acclaim report.

Your additional advantage is to consolidate your defaulted loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan. This will consolidate your loans into a individual accommodation with a anchored absorption rate. By accumulation your loans, you can avenue absence aural a aeon of weeks instead of months. However, you may pay added over the activity of your accommodation if your above-mentioned absorption amount was lower.

Secrets of Bonding 148: The Greatest Impediment to Bonding

Surety bonds are harder to get. Contractors and their allowance agents apperceive that underwriters are conservative. They ask lots of questions. Then they ask added questions. Then they say they can’t advice you. It’s a fun-filled process.

Some contractors can’t get affirmed because they accept a poor acclaim history. Others accept anemic or bereft banking statements. There are affluence of affidavit for an black ending, but what is the individual better reason – and what can you do about it?

Crappy credit: This is a actual accepted problem. The aggregation may be disturbing to get abundant work, consistent in a anemic acclaim report. So they adjudge to move into accessible plan for added revenues – but the bad acclaim address makes this impossible. Sometimes the address can be bigger by acclimation errors and afterlight the info. This is not the greatest impediment contractors and their agents face.

Weak or bereft banking statement: There are innumerable abeyant problems. No banking statement, alone an centralized statement, alone a compilation, an acting FS, a net loss, no alive basic – the pitfalls are endless! It’s not the better impediment though.

Unsavory circumstances: Excessive bid spreads, bare above-mentioned experience, bad band forms, acrid arrangement terms, too abundant added work. They are all bad, but they are not the king.

The Greatest Impediment

Picture how the action starts. When the architect decides to go afterwards bonding, a account of advice is requested. The advocate wants business and claimed banking statements. A accepted plan in action agenda is needed. Above-mentioned tax returns, resumes of key humans and a coffer advertence letter are desired.

The architect wants to accompany this, but MAN, that’s a lot of stuff!

He has not bare to accomplish aggregation banking statements, so how to appear up with them now?

The aggregation buyer never bare to accomplish a resume, consistently been self-employed. How do I address that up?

The WIP schedule: I don’t accept that advice available. I apperceive area I am on all my jobs. Why would I yield the time to ample out a agglomeration of forms anyway?

I can get the coffer advertence letter completed and accomplish copies of above-mentioned tax allotment (they wish the WHOLE THING?!) But if I do that, who’s gonna do the ciphering so we don’t run out of work? And I accept to appointment the projects or aggregate will bullwork to a halt. The workers wish to milk every job like it’s their last. They’ll blot the profits out of aggregate if I accord them the chance.


The greatest impediment is the appellant themselves! In my 40+ years of aggressiveness band underwriting, I accept assured that MOST contractors deserve to be bonded, but a lot of abort to access aggressiveness support. It is because they stop trying, or never absolutely start. Humans accept to accomplish choices. They accept to put aliment on the table. If they can accomplish by accomplishing what they know, why try some agreement that may fail? Sometimes it’s just easier to accumulate accomplishing the aforementioned affair – even if you are discontent.

Our ascertainment is that bonding takes backbone and patience. It is a journey, a aisle with abrupt twists. There can be obstacles, but we accept solutions! If contractors or agents apprehend it to be fast and easy… they may be disappointed.

Applicants for bonding accept to plan to allot some time and activity to accomplish a ambition they apperceive is worthy. It says a lot to accept a aggressiveness abetment you. They are vouching for your ability, and putting up their own money to prove it. It’s a big accord and not consistently easy, but consistently account it in the end.